Automatic valve test bench was manufactured in L-plan

In Cinkarna Celje, we set up a new valve test bench for automatic testing of ball valves, butterfly valves, control valves and valves actuators, which are manufactured in the Polymers’s section of Cinkarna Celje.

Legaline ATUM-C device allows the following tests:

  1. Measuring the moment of the opening, closing of the ball valve
  2. Leak test of valve seat on both sides. Test medium air, bubble method according to API 527, in accordance with EN 12266-1. With digital laser bubble meter Legaline Bubble Test
  3. Pressure strength test of the housing with water, visual method, pressure drop method.
  4. Leak testing of the spindle with water, visual method, pressure drop method.
  5. Leak testing of hatches, medium air, bubble method according to API 527, in accordance with EN 12266-1
  6. Type test – aging with the method of trimming the valve internal parts by repeatable openings, closings of pneumatic drive.
  7. Testing the functionality of control valves

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Bozo Legat, 2016

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So far the fifth on-line, on-site PSV testing device Legatest in China…

China’s largest inspection institute – Guangxi Special Equipment Supervision and Inspection institute has bought a second Legatest device for on-line, on-site safety relief valve testing.  During the valves operation testing device Legatest has been recognized as the most accurate device of this type.

Legatest device is also used by:

Shangdong Chemical,

Quangxi Huayin Aluminium Company,

China Sichuan YiBin Power Plant turbine Professional company.

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Bozo Legat, 2015

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Mobile NLG, LPG safety valves test bench-unit delivered to AMSM Macedonia

-plan experts carried out the training of personnel  of the company  Auto Moto Association of Macedonia  from Skopje.  They took over the complete Legaline mobile device for testing / inspection of NLG, LPG safety relief valves, mounted on NLG, LPG pipelines and mobile pressure vessels.

Legaline mobile test bench consists of the following components:

  • Legaline test unit – bench
  • System for clamping the valves
  • Legaline equipment for capturing and data processing: Software Valve test with electronics for signal conversion
  • Pressure and temperature sensors, cases for transportation and other accessories.

The equipment will be used for the purpose of testing the safety valves that are installed on mobile tanks of gas.

More about Legaline Valve test mobile device for testing valves …

Bozo Legat, 2015

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Pressure relief valves Inspection in Zawia North (General Electric Co.) Libya

With main contractor Intech Company Libya we performed on-line, on-site  Pressure relief valve testing / inspection, during operating in Power plant  Zawia North Combined Cycle Power Plant (General Electric Co.) Libya.

L-plan also implemented the inspection during valves assembly, repair and testing. Setting pressure was determined without pressure in the system by the on-line, on-site testing device Legatest.

Two valves were damaged beyond repair and we are in process to obtain new spare parts from manufacturers soon as possible.

Together with our partner company Intech,  the doors are opened to work in all thermal power plants in association with General Electric Co. Libya .

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How is the Legatest device so safe, versatile and easy for use?

We are daily using the equipment which was developed and produced in L-plan like Conformity Assessment – Inspection Body, pressure equipment area. The Legaline testing / measuring methods and devices are designed according to: EN ISO/IEC 17025, EN ISO/IEC 17020). …
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Online pneumatic control unit & safety valves testing-measurement device Legaline CSPRS

L-plan successfully ended the development and production of new high accuracy testing device – Legaline CSPRS.

With new device all types of Pneumatic control unit devices (Pneumatic  Supplementary  Loading  Systems) can be tested on-line, on-site, during operation.

Pneumatic control unit as same as spring loaded safety valves testing is performed according to standard EN ISO 4126-5-2013; Testing of safety valves for protection against excessive pressure – Controlled safety pressure relief systems – CSPRS.

While the test is performed the following pressure versus time values (curves) are displayed simultaneously:
– System pressure
– Pressure of compressed air fed in the control box
– Air pressure in the upper chamber of pneum. piston
– Air pressure in the lower chamber of pneum. piston
– Spindle lift of the safety valve
– Sound phenomena associated with the opening of the safety valve may be displayed.

After completion of the development of device for testing the pneumatic units for controlled pressure relief systems Legaline CSPRS, we  successfully conducted tests of pneumatic units for controlled opening and closing of safety valves in the following companies:

  • EVONIK Röhm GmbH Germany
  • TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH, Leuna
  • SES Kardia PPC Greece

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Bozo Legat, 2015

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Sulfur Condensers Re-tubing in Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V. Libya

In cooperation with company INTECH Libya, re-tubing service of two sulfur condensers was performed. Re-tubing service was carried out under the direction of Petrokemija Kutina experts in the Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V. Libya site.

Minor problems were with the supply of suitable materials, equipment and pipes, but the work was successfully completed in three weeks.

Condensers are currently on the stock. We expect that L-plan Inspectors will perform repairing conformity assessment procedures in cooperation with experts from TÜV SÜDSava Slovenia. A pressure strength & tightness test and final Inspection before operation shall be  carried out.

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Bozo Legat, 2013

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L-plan handed over the valve test bench unit to the manufacturer HERZ

The test device Legaline ATUM-H is designed for testing valves characteristic during the production process of the HERZ manufacturer:

  • Characterisitc of ball valves for technical gases according to DIN 3230 T5 PG3 in the production process
  • Testing the flow characteristic of ball valves, pressure regulators, safety valves, control valves and other that were developed in Herz.
  • Temperature agging
  • Functional tests

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Bozo Legat, 2014

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On-Site Safety Relief Valves Testing / Inspection in OMV Petrom Refinery Romania

In August and October 2013 we performed work for clients L – Plan Service GbmH &Co.KG,  Bopp & Reuther and Zikesch MG from Germany. Works included Inspection of safety valves during operation with ATEX certified Legatest On Site Safety Relief Valves Testing / Inspection Device, in the OMV Petrom Rafinery, Romania. Work was successfully completed.

More about on-site PSV testing during operation…

Bozo Legat, 2014

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Valves Inspection in the Nuclear Power Plant Si (shut down, October 2013)

In collaboration with professional staff from Petrokemija Kutina we participated on regular shut down of Nuclear Power Plant Krško, primary section. Inspection during valves assembly, maintenance and testing was performed.
The works were successfully completed and the plant began to operate in early November.

Nuclear Power Plant Krsko also used in L-plan manufactured safety relief valves testing device Legaline “Valve test” and Legaline “Bubble test”, since 2005.

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Bozo Legat, 2014

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