On Site Valve Leak Sealing in Wafa Desert Oil Plant Libya

L-plan has carried out the On Line – During operation Valve Leak Sealing Service in collaboration with Furmanite Slovenia and Petrokemija Kutina experts. Leak Sealing was performed on shut-off valve, diameter DN 650 in Wafa Desert Oil Plant, Libya, by main contractor INTECH Libya. The valve was installed on the pipeline for natural gas in the Export Gas Compression Unit and the service was conducted during full operation.
Purposefully made tight clamps were installed around the flanges to isolate the leak area. Through the adapters around clamps the special compound was injected.  Injection was performed by high pressure.
Due to the potential danger of explosion, leak sealing procedure was performed under strict security measures. Leakage has been successfully stopped and eliminated.

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Bozo Legat, 2013

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Valves Maintenance in Power plant NUON POWER GENERATION B.V and GDF SUEZ Netherland

In the period from 8.4. to 23.4.2013 and 21.5. to 7.6.2013, L-plan experts performed maintenance (repairing) of safety valves, control valves and various shut-off valves. The maintenance was carried out in location of Power plants NUON POWER GENERATION B.V., Velsen Nord and GDF SUEZ Energie Nederland, NV/Centrale Maxima. Work was successfully completed..

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Bozo Legat, 2013

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On-site Safety Valves and Pneumatic Control Units Testing, Valves Maintenance & Inspection

The safety valves maintenance were done by L-plan personnel  in Powerplant Duisburg Germany. L-plan Inspection body implemented also on-site safety valves testing with the Legatest device.

At the same period, we tested pneumatic control units with new, in L-plan developed and manufactured Legaline CSPRS device for client Raffinerie Leuna Germany.

The services was successfully completed  12.6.2014.

L-plan successfully ended the development and production of new high accuracy testing device – Legaline CSPRS in 2014.

With new device all types of Pneumatic control unit devices (Pneumatic  Supplementary  Loading  Systems) can be tested on-line, on-site, during operation.

Pneumatic control unit as same as spring loaded safety valves testing is performed according to standard EN ISO 4126-5-2013; Testing of safety valves for protection against excessive pressure – Controlled safety pressure relief systems – CSPRS.

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