Testing device Atum-C is designed for testing the characteristics of valves in the production process of Cinkarna d.d. manufacturer, in accordance with standard EN12266-1:

  • Ball valves with teflon coating from DN 15 to DN 100
  • Control valves (DN15 to DN100)
  • Butterfly valves (DN50 to DN300)

Legaline ATUM-C device enables the following tests:

  1. Measuring the torque by closing, opening of the ball valve
  2. Valve seat tightness test from both sides. Testing media air, bubble test method by API 527, in accordance with EN 12266-1. The test is performed with digital laser bubble counting device “Legaline Bubble Test
  3. Pressure strenght and tightness test of housing with water, visual method, pressure drop method
  4. Tightness test of spindle with water, visual method, pressure drop method
  5. Tightness test for butterfly valves, medium air, bubble test method by API 527, in accordance with EN 12266-1.
  6. Type test – aging with the method of trimming the valve interal parts by repeatable openings, closings of pneumatic drive
  7. Functionality test for control valves

Operations can be manual or automatic. The device is able to independently:

  • Reach the pressure according to standard regulations,
  • Measure and calculate the results
  • Compare the results to acceptance criterias from standard
  • Determine the conformity of test

The process is controlled and managed by Legaline »Valve test / Atum-C hardware and PC software. Scoop and processing of data is implemented through a central electronic unit: connection of all the sensors, switches, measurers, electromagnetic valves, drives, pumps, servo drive, in combination with intended software.

Legaline Atum- H software also enables:

  • Status display of all the pressures (in the form of pressure gauges and digital)
  • Course display of measurement in the form of diagrams in continuosly and parametric mode)
  • Display of results, including semaphore of conformity of results according to limit values from the standard
  • Storage of measurements in a database for later use, printing
  • Comparison of characteristics of diagrams and results

The device has a specific program for determining the tightness of connectors and installations. The possibility of leak compensation is added.

The user can connect to the manufacturer by internet connection. The manufacturer L-plan experts can remotely carry out diagnostics and upgrade the software.


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