Valve test data acquisition system, since 1992

On field valve testing

By L-plan Legaline »Valve test« Mobile Unit

Mobile Electronic system for determination of valve seat leakage by Bubble Counting The system provides digital measurement of the seat leakage by “bubble counting” as per API 527, EN 1593 standard or LESER–WERKNORM LWN 220.01. The digital seat leakage measurement device is designed in such a way, that it can be easily connected to the existing LEGALINE system. If the valve seat is leaking the overpressure builds up on the discharge side of the valve causing the buildup of the bubbles. These travel trough a transparent tube and are detected by electronic elements and are counted. The result in: bubbles per minute, or mbar liters/s is shown on a LC display. The result is compared with the limits defined by the standard. The device can be connected to the suitable data acquisition system such as Legaline electronic unit and the PC (provided that the appropriate software is installed).

  • Connection with suitable data acquisition systems.
  • For on line and stationary applications.
  • Elements for sealing of discharge side of the valve.

Testing method by Legaline Bubble test device and the L-plan as Conformity  Assessment – Inspection Body is approved by:

  • Slovenian Acreditation institute (based on ILAC MRA– International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation)

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