On field valve testing

By L-plan Legaline »Valve test« Mobile Unit


Legaline “Valve Test – M” Mobile Unit is designed for Inspection / Testing of Safety, Control and other Industrial Valves.

LCD and Printed resultants:

  • Set pressure.
  • pressure (at max. lift).
  • Closing pressure.
  • Opening pressure difference (%, bar)
  • Closing pressure difference (%, bar)
  • Indication of valve tightness.
  • Digital seat tightness – Bubble test.
  • Valve Body pressure strength test.
  • Auto Measurement Uncertainty Calculation

 Autonomous System: Mobile Legaline Operating Unit parts:

  • Data Acquisition Legaline Valve Test System.
  • LCD, PC, color printer.
  • Pressure sensors (Lift, Sound – optional)
  • 200 (300) bar N2 bottle, 2 l
  • 200 (300) bar high pressure installation.
  • Regulating valve, operating valves, manometers.

Legaline Bubble Test – Valve seat leakage set

30 T Proportional Clamping Unit with clamp parts, up to DN 150, flanged and threaded.

Emphasis on High Accuracy? By Legaline Device Environment Influences Validation!

Temperature range 0° C to + 40° C Since 1996 the Legatest is used by the Inspection Bodies and Accredited Labors, according to EN ISO/IEC 17025, EN ISO/IEC 17020).

  • Automatic calculation of measurement uncertainty.
  • Correction or compensation of environment influences.
  • System automatically calculated resultants acceptance criteria from Valves Standards.
  • Trend (history) function.

Testing method by Legaline Valve test device and the L-plan as Conformity  Assessment – Inspection Body is approved by:

  • Bureau Veritas
  • Slovenian Acreditation institute (based on ILAC MRA– International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation)

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