• The L-plan designed test equipment are used also by inspection bodies and testing / calibration laboratories.
  • By implementing our own experiences and knowledge, our test devices are highly safe and easy to use.
  • Test equipment keep required terms and accuracy of the results after several years of use.
  • Standard accuracy 0 ° C to + 45 ° C. The Legatest – device for testing the valves during operation standard accuracy- 15 ° C to + 65 ° C. Manufactured equipment is also subjected to temperature validation (document RA11.5.4).
  • Measurement uncertainty automatically appear in the quantitative value (%) while the tests are performing.
  • Test equimpment as same as test software include several elements that environmental impacts can be corrected or compensated.
  • Standards and rules acceptance criteria are automaticly calculated regarding on test resultants.
  • Software allows the test history and comparison of results.
  • Measurements diagrams and results are previed on LCD or in Inspection / test reports which can be printed immediately or stored in a database for later review.

We are using the equipment which was developed and produced in L-plan

Basically we are inspection body. Measurements shall be highly reliable and accurate in a variety of environments influences, which can affect on instruments. Therefore, we try to limit those effects with research & development of electronic in one side and different testing method on other.

Safety and usability of our test equipment

Besed on our knowledge, experiences and also based on our clients support and cooperation, our manufactured test equipment is easy for use and includes several safety factors.

Electronics & Validation

Electronic components contain high-quality materials. This reduces temperature, electromagnetic and other influences which could affect the accuracy and veracity of resultants. Most attention is given on temperature infuences because we are faced with extreme environments (- 15 ° C and up to + 70 ° C) on the field.
During the development of electronic components, the instruments and devices are subjected to temperature validation. The temperature chamber creating an artificial environment, controlling measurements are performed on every few degrees change.

Measurement uncertainty and software

Whenever is possible, the L-plan designed software also allows correction of the measured values obtained in the used measurers calibration certificates. In this way, we eliminate the known errors. All other unknown errors are a source of uncertainty.
Where we want to have good control over the results and we want to implement good accuracy of measurement, we shall recognize mesurement uncertainty value of each test. Mesurement uncertainty evaluated our measurement quality.
L-plan software and devices are designed for mesurement uncertainty evaluation. Mesurement uncertainty is integral part of the measurement results. In this way, we also know the quality of our measuring devices.

Measurement uncertainty and software

Like brake pads, plugs, platinum, ect. are worning in the car as same as measurement instrument components are subject to aging.
With time and use, especially wrong use, performance of measurers becoming worse. Therefore, based on regulations, periodical check and calibraiton the accuracy and reliability of measurers are required and necessary.

For complex devices, such as Legatest (on site PSV testing device) is, we recommended periodical inpection of all device parts. This will extend the reliability of each device or instrument operation.

With regular inspections and calibrations can increase productivity, optimize resources, ensure consistency, comparability and compatibility of products or services and their acceptability anywhere in the world.

Testing / Inspection / Calibration methods used by L-plan devices and the L-plan as Conformity Assessment – Inspection Body are approved by several Institutes and Conformity assessment bodies:

Proof, that we are on the right route…

More about Legaline data acquisition sytem.


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