L-plan successfully ended the development and production of new high accuracy testing device – Legaline CSPRS.

With new device all types of Pneumatic control unit devices (Pneumatic  Supplementary  Loading  Systems) can be tested on-line, on-site, during operation.

Pneumatic control unit as same as spring loaded safety valves testing is performed according to standard EN ISO 4126-5-2013; Testing of safety valves for protection against excessive pressure – Controlled safety pressure relief systems – CSPRS.

While the test is performed the following pressure versus time values (curves) are displayed simultaneously:
– System pressure
– Pressure of compressed air fed in the control box
– Air pressure in the upper chamber of pneum. piston
– Air pressure in the lower chamber of pneum. piston
– Spindle lift of the safety valve
– Sound phenomena associated with the opening of the safety valve may be displayed.

After completion of the development of device for testing the pneumatic units for controlled pressure relief systems Legaline CSPRS, we  successfully conducted tests of pneumatic units for controlled opening and closing of safety valves in the following companies:

  • EVONIK Röhm GmbH Germany
  • TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH, Leuna
  • SES Kardia PPC Greece

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Bozo Legat, 2015