On Line LNG Reduction Stations Pipelines & Valves Functional, Tightness Testing

By L-plan Legaline »Gas test« Mobile Unit

L-plan like Inspection Body


Legaline “GAS TEST” System is used for Inspection / Testing the whole Gas Line in LPG stations, including all valves (regulating valves, safety check and safety valves…) and pressure gauges.


During operation Testing Phase description

  1. Pressure gauge Inspection / Calibration (on DKD standards) – Legaline
  2. Tightness Inspection / Test of all pipe connections, flanges, welded joints… by visual Inspection method with leak detection liquid
  3. Tightness Inspection / Test of stop valves, safety valve and pressure gauge stop valves by visual Inspection method, with leak detection liquid, film Inspection method
  4. Mounting of LEGALINE testing system


Short shut down Testing Phase description

  1. Functional (operating) test, closing point, tightening test of safety check valve
  2. Functional (operating) test, operating pressure, tightness test of regulating valve
  3. Functional test, opening and closing pressure point, blow down and tightness test of safety valve
  4. Tightness test of electromagnetic valves
  5. Tightness test of stop valves on pipeline
  6. Tightness test of pipeline


Advantages of the Legaline “Gas Test” Equipment and Method:

Short shut down time, Small losses of gas, On Site Reports printing, Data base, Analyses Trend function, High Accuracy…


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