Upgrade your test unit with

Legaline data acquisition & processing system

Test screens and reports

Raiway brakes testing

Leakage detection

Valves testing

  1. Direct integration

Legaline Valve Test Data Acquisition System and pressure sensors can be mounted – Integrated into the existing test bench. Integration should be done in the Customer workshop.

  1. Integration by Industrial Cabinet System

The Legaline System is build into the Industrial Cabinet and connected to stabile Test Unit by high pressure flexible pipes:

  • Air / water side high pressure installation with pressure sensors & overload protection.
  • The LEGALINE electronic digital data acquisition device.
  • Sensors: pressure sensors, lift laser sensor, sound sensor…
  • Connectors for lift and sound measuring, outlet coupling for calibrating the sensor and system.
  • PC, LCD, color printer…
  • Software Valve Test with Database.
  • Connection to BUBBLE TEST device.
  • Other on request.

Benefit:System is completely autonomous, so intervention into Customer existing Test unit is not required!

  1. Integration by Industrial Case system

The Legaline System is build into the Industrial Case and connected to stabile Test Unit by high pressure flexible pipes. Benmefit: The System could be use in workshop or in the field. Legaline Valve test Data Acquisition system includes also two IMPORTANT BENEFITS:

  1. Proportional Auto Control of Clamping Force
  2. Automatic Testing procedure
  3. Bubble couter Sytem – seat leak detection

Emphasis on High Accuracy? By Legaline Device Environment Influences Validation! Standard Temperature range  0° C to + 40° C The Legaline CSPRS is designed  according to EN ISO/IEC 17025, EN ISO/IEC 17020).

  • Automatic calculation of measurement uncertainty.
  • Correction or compensation of environment influences.
  • System automatically calculated resultants acceptance criteria from Valves Standards.
  • Trend (history) function.

Testing / Inspection / Calibration methods used by L-plan devices and the L-plan as Conformity  Assessment – Inspection Body are approved by several Institutes and Conformity assessment bodies:

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