Train brakes test unit


Railways, a safe and reliable system for mass transport of persons and goods, with more than hundred years of history. Operating without interruption, day and night, regardless of the weather.  A part of everyday life for millions of people, a backbone of the industry. One of the prerequisites for its safe operation is a reliable functioning of train brake systems both on locomotives and wagons. To ensure the high reliability in operation, the components of brake systems have to be regularly maintained in specialized workshops.  Subsequently the functional testing on special rigs is performed to verify the proper functioning. The test bench structure is a frame made of aluminum profiles carrying pressure vessels for compressed air of storage made of aluminum alloy as well as interconnecting piping and fittings.  On the bottom side of the frame castor wheels are mounted. The test system comprises electronic device for data acquisition, sensors, LCD display, PC-based computer system, keyboard and several pushbuttons and signal lights. The design concept allows for testing of family of (nine) components. It is operated by test engineer sorting out the „failed” components, sending these to be adjusted /repaired whichever necessary. The test procedure is selected via PC, the test sequence itself is controlled via pushbuttons. This way the simple operation and high level of system flexibility are obtained.  The system parameters and test reports can be modified easily. The main advantage of the system is that a detailed protocol is recorded while testing is performed.  The data are stored in the data bank containing all relevant general and technical data of the component tested as well as the data generated during the test run. The format of test report is adapted the particular requirements of the client. The use of such test system completely eliminates the influence of human factor. High reliability, reproducibility and accuracy of the results, as well there was data consistency is achieved. The data collected are available for further analyses. The final result is high reliability of brake systems in which the components tested are built in.


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