Valve Clamping Unit

By L-plan Legaline CLU 20 – 30 T Proportional Mobile Unit

Light constructed, easy and fast operated mobile clamping unit for flanged and threaded PSV (safety valves) and other industrial valves, armatures.

L-plan Legaline Clampiing units can use hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder.

For clamping the valve flange, the table plate with the valve is pushed with the hydraulic pump –  cylinder against the clamping claws. Version with pneumatic cylinder is activated by test medium.

For clamping a valve you can slide the three or four clamping claws to valve.

in the range from DN 15 – 150 (1/2” – 6”).

The valve can be clamped within seconds at a maximum clamping force of 300 KN – 30 tons.


High pressure hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic hand pump.

High pressure pneumatic cylinder, activated by testing medium.

Clamping screws.

Special small hydraulic unit for proportional rising force.


Maximum test pressure on the clamping table according to the nominal valve size:

Maximum loading – clamping force: 300 KN (larger clamping force is available)

Standard flange valve dimension range: up to DN 150 (larger range is available)

Standard threaded valve dimensions: ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2” or larger.

Maximum testing pressure: 200 bar (300 bar option)

Pre-clamping force: up to 30 %


Special steel O-ring sealing plates for optimal sealing between the Raised-faces of the valve flange (test object) and the clamping table are supplied.

Entire clamping unit with parts can be is mounted into strong industrial case, water tight, crush and dust proof with wheels.

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