Reduce significant energy loss due to valves leakage. In L-PLAN all in one place:

1. Repairing the safety (PSV) valves and all other industrial valves

2. Functional and tightness tests

3. Conformity assessment and repairs approvals

4. Valves and spare parts supply

Quality Certificate

L-plan valves repairing department is periodical examined by Bureau Veritas.

Restoring of valves. Special machines for repair on site

With use of transportable, special machines and equipment, the repairing of valves main parts can be done efficiently, qualitatively and “on-site”. Regulary valves maintenance reduces the cost of losses due to valve leakage and prolong their life time.

Special equipment for valves testing. Proof of the quality of repairs

Functionality and tightness test of valves is carried out by our own developed and produced test equipment.
Test reports containing diagrams of measurement results according to acceptance criteria. These information increase the credibility of repairing quality. An integral part of the reports is also Report of valve repairing.

Conformity assessment – Inspection of valves repairing

By Bureau Veritas authorization, L-plan is opproved for:

  • Inspection of valves repairing
  • Testing of valves
  • Sealing of safety valves (PSV)

Stock of valves, spare parts, pressure gauges …

Efficiency of your production is assured through the supply and delivery of all types of valves and spare parts.
Since we are authorized to adjust the pressure and sealing of safety valves (PSV), the deadlines for the delivery is significantly shorter.

L-plan is also approved by the largest valves manufacturers for the changing the operating pressures, changing the original spare parts, testing:

Spirax Sarco, ARI Armaturen, Leser and Sempel.


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