L-PLAN Slovenia was established in 1991. The aim was to provide services on high pressure systems and equipment, such as boilers, compressor stations, gas pipelines, or of their elements and assemblies.
The experiences, gathered in the cooperation with Pressure Equipment Inspection Authorities, was a great asset helping us to obtain the Accreditation as a Conformity Assessment Body – Inspection Body.
Several Approvals for Inspection, Testing and Valve Repairing have made us more competitive.



Our experts are regularly trained at the largest manufacturers of pressure equipment, including valves. We demonstrated our skills and gain the approvals by the different manufacturers.



Year 1992 we were the first in the world to develop a new method for testing safety valves. “Legaline series” devices are upgraded and implemented for using of several Inspection, Testing, Calibration, Measuring activities.
1997, we have patented a “Legatest” device for On line Safety valves testing. Based on opinion by several authorities, the Legatest device is currently ranked as the best in the world.
Our devices are also used by the several companies and authorities.


Communication and Cooperation

Our policy is to work with integrity, impartiality and quality.
Common goal of all of us is the optimal operation of the pressure equipment. This may include regular conversations, control over the operation or additional training where appropriate.



Our vision is to be successful and stable company with wide experiences, quality of service, fairness and a high level of mutual relationships and attitudes to clients.

The aim of our approach is to reduce the regularly shutdowns, reduce energy consumption, increase safety and confidence in the pressure equipment operation. This can only be achieved by:

  • High accurate, reliable, secure and verified devices.
  • Methods which give us sufficient information for reliably final Inspection review.

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