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Comprehensive management of periodic inspections of pressure equipment with experience since 1992

Across all industry it is essential to ensure plant and equipment are in good condition and fit for purpose as failure of a component can result in human and financial loss and environmental costs.

By periodical examination and testing we ensure safe and efficient operation of following equipment under pressure:

  • Fired or otherwise heated pressure equipment (Steam Generators, Process Reactors, Sterilizers)
  • Pressure vessels (Air, N2, LPG, LNG, CRYO, Heat Exchangers, Liquefied Gases, Hot Water, Steam)
  • Pipelines (for already listed areas)
  • Safety Equipment (Safety Valves)
  • Pressure Accessories (Pressure Gauges / Sensors)

Periodic  Inspections are planned in according to legislations and manufacturers procedures

Inpection plan is yearly prepared and sended to clients. Inspection plan contents:

  • The pressure equipment identification list
  • Type of Inspection
  • Inspection schedule
  • Specific requirements
  • Inspection costs

Our support team is qualified for carry out of all necessary preparation of pressure equipment that the inspection, tests can be adequately implement

We carry out all the activities as same as stock sealants and other materials, flanges, fittings, valves, pressure gauges, spare parts … and:

  • Review the condition and documentation of pressure equipment each part
  • Clean all surfaces to carry out a visual inspection
  • Establish a suitable environment for visual internal examinations carrying out
  • Prepare all connections to carry out pressure tests
  • Establish the state of pressure equipment for re-operation

Types of Inspection:

  • Examination before the operation
  • Regular periodic inspection
  • Extraordinary inspection

If necessary L-plan engineers can also manage all necessary procedures, which include the elimination of hazardous pressure equipment conditions:

NDT tests as part of the identification of defects in materials, welds and for the purpose of verifying the quality of repairs carried out.
Repairs, reconstructions conformity assessment shall be approved by Notify body.
Detection of other deficiencies on scope of pressure equipment that could endanger the safety of operation.
Expertises, analysis.

All for the safe operation of equipment under pressure

After years of work our experience we want to share with you. Optimal operation of the pressure equipment is common objective of all of us. This may include regular dialogue, monitoring developments in service or additional training where appropriate.

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