Testing of Valves function – Type Production tests
Accuracy, quality and efficiency?
An innovative approach in the development of test methods and devices, since 1991.

Valves tests in manufacturing process are carried out with the special equipment, which is developed and manufactured in L-plan.

We can therefore be adapted to your needs!

Since 1991, Inspection, testing experiences are successfully included into the innovative development and production of Measurement, Test, Calibration and Inspection Devices as Methods and Procedures.

By the Bureau Veritas L-plan is certified as laboratory and service organization for repair, maintenance, inspection and testing, safety and other industrial valves according to EN standards and rules.

L-plan is also accredited (EN ISO/IEC 17020) inspection body for safety valves and other pressure accessories.

With our expiriences and innovative approach, the testing devices can be effective adapted to your requirements!

The scope of the tests:

  • Flow rate measurement
  • Heat influence aging
  • Aging according to the method of testing of valve moving parts (opening, closing…)
  • Torque test
  • Valve seat, bonnet and body tightness test
  • Valve body strength test
  • Function tests:
    • Pressure difference
    • Opening, closing pressures
    • Blowdown
    • Maximum pressure
    • PSV spindle lift
    • Other…
  • Analyzes, appraisals, calculations and technical documentation


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