We are daily using the equipment which was developed and produced in L-plan like Conformity Assessment – Inspection Body, pressure equipment area.

The Legaline testing / measuring methods and devices are designed according to:

  • EN ISO/IEC 17025,
  • EN ISO/IEC 17020).


Because of motor consumption monitoring and factory calibration with force, some advantages have been made:

  • System overload protection – the maximum motor pulling force is mechanically limited so that the respective deign values of the components are not exceeded
  • Power monitoring – an electronic system monitors if the supplied current and tension meet the requirements of the test conditions
  • Power calibrating function – protect the system in the case of force sensor failure indication with factory calibration (comparison) of motor electric consumption with force chain values.

Some independent monitoring is done by Legatest hardware:

This monitoring also include emergency shutdown. In the case of dangerous and unexpected situation occurs, Legatest drive automatically close the valve.

  • Examples: unexpected cable suspension, communication lost, low battery and other.
  • Excessive temperature protection – temperature is monitored. If the temperature value exceeds the operating limits the system it is automatically shut off.

Because of Legatest PC software and sensors some other safety protections are applied:

  • Sensors overload protection – the maximum motor force is limited by the force sensor measuring range
  • Valve overload protection – the maximum force applied to the valve is calculated from the valve data.
  • Maximum lift limitation – the maximum lift of the valve disk can be limited through the valve parameters.
  • Based on entered valve data, software helps to select right sensors…
  • And other…

Testing phase can be automated.

After the valve set point is reached, several limitations turned down the spindle in start position. Special sensor measure the Legatest spindle position.

Calculations, results and diagrams are processed immediately:

  • Opening pressure
  • Closing pressure (only HOT test)
  • Blow-down
  • Opening difference (between declared and measured) % and bar
  • Minimum / maximum pressures
  • Measurement uncertainty (if required) +-% and bar
  • And other if are required…

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