Pressure relief valves Inspection in Zawia North (General Electric Co.) Libya

With main contractor Intech Company Libya we performed on-line, on-site  Pressure relief valve testing / inspection, during operating in Power plant  Zawia North Combined Cycle Power Plant (General Electric Co.) Libya.

L-plan also implemented the inspection during valves assembly, repair and testing. Setting pressure was determined without pressure in the system by the on-line, on-site testing device Legatest.

Two valves were damaged beyond repair and we are in process to obtain new spare parts from manufacturers soon as possible.

Together with our partner company Intech,  the doors are opened to work in all thermal power plants in association with General Electric Co. Libya .

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How is the Legatest device so safe, versatile and easy for use?

We are daily using the equipment which was developed and produced in L-plan like Conformity Assessment – Inspection Body, pressure equipment area. The Legaline testing / measuring methods and devices are designed according to: EN ISO/IEC 17025, EN ISO/IEC 17020). …
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