In the days of 17/03/2014 to 20/03/2014 and 28/03/2014 we are testing safety valves on-side with Legatest device, on the system energy thermal power plant EVONIK RÖHM GmbH, Worms, Germany.

The work was organized by L-Plan Service Gmbh Germany, the control exercised representative of KSB Service GmbH.

During the operation was carried out 11 tests (Hot Test), two safety valves were tested with Cold Test.

With The device Legatest is possible to identify certain irregularities in the operation of the safety valves. L-plan inspector Srečko Štiblj proposal for internal review and possibly repair some of the valves.

For a well done job thank us a representative of the company KSB Service Gmbh.

Testing of safety valves on site with Legatest device.